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Commissions/Repair Work & Galleries

Commissioning a unique or bespoke piece of stained or fused glass can be a really exciting experience.

Over the last 20 years Pyramid Stained Glass in South Wales have undertaken a wide range of glass commissions and restorations from coastal panels and office windows to swimming pool panels and glass trophies. Some of our commissions have included specialist back lighting so they can be wall mounted.

If you are interested in commissioning a stained glass window, door panel or decorative piece, or fused glass panels and screens then Ingrid will involve you as much as possible in the whole process from initial chat through to visiting the workshop to see the work underway. See the full commissioning process at the foot of the page - link here...... or if you just want to start an exploratory conversation why not just contact Ingrid directly here ...
or call 01656 880288

Pyramid Stained Glass - Commissions Gallery

Here is a selection of commissions we've undertaken - some work enjoys quite close co-operation with the client (down to the detail level of the wave profile in the case of the door surround 'Surf wave in situ') and some Ingrid has had full creative freedom and has subsequently delivered unique designs to a more general brief or requirement. 

Pyramid Stained Glass Designs - Art of Glass

More examples of Pyramid Stained Glass  work - several commissions, some work from students on courses and some items created for sale in shop.

Commissioning - The Next Steps

The commissioning process generally is as follows:


If you are within 50 miles of the workshop in South Wales, Ingrid will make an appointment to visit you, discuss what you are looking at and take you through some initial ideas, or you may prefer to visit the Pyramid Stained Glass workshop in Southerndown (we’re down by the beach so it makes a good day out) where you can see reference books and glass samples and Ingrid can sketch out some rough ideas for you. If you are not local, we will start the design process using email, phone, video meet up or post. This first design consultation is free of charge unless you want detailed designs and plans drawn up for you to take to architects or builders to incorporate into larger structures. We will discuss the price for these designs when we first meet.


Once the initial design ideas have been discussed, we will give you a ball park quote with minimum and maximum price. Although we will usually guarantee to stay within this price range there may be times when we undertake restorations where we discover damage that was initially hidden. If this happens we will always contact you first before proceeding with any new work. If you are happy for us to proceed following our ball park quote, we will then finalise your design ideas and produce a formal quotation. At this stage you will need to pay a 25% deposit to confirm the order.


Upon receipt of the deposit, Ingrid will first produce a scale sketch of the design and once this is approved, a full size design will be drawn up and sent to you so you can check that all the measurements are correct. Alternatively you may prefer to come to the workshop to view them. At this stage we’ll also make sure the glass colours are correct and remind that when we work with fused glass that colours can sometimes change in the fusing process.


Depending on the work involved in the commission and other work we’re involved in at the time, getting to the point of completion usually takes between 4 – 16 weeks. For large commissions timescale may be longer. On commissions over a £1000 we will send you an invoice for a mid-way payment. The final invoice is due for payment upon completion of the work.


Once the commissions are ready they can be hand-delivered to you within a 50 mile radius at no extra cost, or you are welcome to collect them. We will arrange for courier delivery of commissions over 50 miles away. There will be a separate charge for this. Fitting of the commissions can be arranged, or you may prefer to undertake the fitting yourself. Fitting costs are extra.


It is difficult to give a guide price for commissions as prices for stained and fused glass can vary enormously. As a general rule, you can expect to pay £120 - £750 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the design, the type of glass used and whether other glass techniques such as painting or etching are involved in the commission. There is no minimum or maximum order value for commissions.

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