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Birds-painting results

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I have now fused, painted and fired the first group of birds! it was quite something to start this process as I have not done very much glass painting since I did stained glass at college.

The first results are great though quite mixed. I am very pleased with the Long-tailed tits, the others can all be improved upon in some ways but are great in some ways too. The Golden Eagle is rather dramatic, but a little dark. I think I will add some silver stain to give it a lift, however the feathers have come out well. The Lapwing is good but in my excitement at painting I forgot to add the wire feathers when I fused it so it will go in the kiln again too. The Black Cap is just a little too minimal in the detail so I will be adding more painting on him, and although I love the Thrush, it is rather too caramel in colour, but I hope someone will like it as much as I do and give it a new home.

In other news, I have been busy planning and publicising and have run the first of a number of "Parent and Child Activities Together" in conjunction with the Vale of Glamorgan Creative Rural Communities. The first one was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves and made some lovely yacht light catcher window decorations. They are open to adults with children aged 8 and over , if you are interested see my Facebook page Pyramid Stained Glass- Art of Glass, or book up through Ticket Source under Stained Glass Workshops.

My latest activity is making fused glass flowers which I am going to mount on posts for the garden.

I have done some fused flowers before but I think they will be quite a feature in people's gardens.

I have had a lot of interest in a copper foiled stained glass flower which I attached with wire and then mounted in wood but also photographed standing in the grass without the wood base.

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